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Products of the ROMEX PFM GmbH

ROMEX pavement fixing mortars are tailored to meet the most varied requirements and form the basis of strong, clean paved stone joints. The quick and easy to use products have many advantages, especially for use within innercity areas.

With ROMEX pavement fixing mortars, it is no longer a problem to joint slabs cleanly and permanently, without having to overstretch your budget. ROMEX pavement fixing mortars are proven to be longlasting throughout whole stretches of road. The slabs in pedestrian zones can be jointed just as well as jointing on heavily trafficked roads.

Regardless of where the slabs you want to joint are situated, you can always be sure to achieve a clean result with no cement residue. You no longer have to worry about frost damage or washing out of joints, as all products are frost, de-icing salt and streetsweeper resistant. In addition, weeds are no longer able to take hold, thus ensuring a permanently visually attractive jointed surface.

If you value a good visual result, easy application and environmentally friendly construction methods, then use ROMEX pavement fixing mortars for the jointing of your slabs.

Further information regarding individual products can be found on our web pages. We are also happy to answer your questions personally.